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Fundraising from Korean investors for Global Real Estate/Infrastructure 

    Global Funds and Asset Managers’ Products    

Momentum Capital reviews and offers the most feasible and trendy investment opportunities to satisfy Korean institutional investors’ preference. Momentum Capital develops the most efficient marketing strategy and capital raising solution with working for global funds and asset managers.

Investment Product by categories
Real Estate in Europe, US and Asia
- Core/Core plus (Office, Logistics, Data Centers)
- Value added (Office, Residential, Student Housing)
- Development (Built to suite)
- Debt Financing (Senior and mezzanine tranche)

Infrastructure (Storage, Terminals, Solar, Wind, Hydro)

Private Equity/Venture Capital
  Korean Investors’ Portfolio Strategy   

Momentum Capital understands each of major Korean institutional
investors’ portfolio strategy and business plan better than anyone
through its in depth relationship with more than thirty pension funds and
insurance companies as well as fifteen securities companies in Republic of Korea.

Target Investors by categories

Sovereign wealth funds (KIC)
Pension funds (NPS, Teachers Pension, GEPS)
Credit union and mutual aid associations (KTCU, KFCCC)
Insurance companies (Samsung, Hyundai, Korea Post)
Securities companies (KB, Hana, KIS, Miraeasset ,
Family offices and HNW investors)

Capital Market Service Flow

Momentum Capital provides a one stop service from fund marketing activities in the preliminary stage to
fundraising/fund closing being followed by day to day fund management and communication with Korean investors for fun
d period.

Preliminary Marketing
Fund I Proposal
Fund I Raising
Fund I Closing
Fund II re-up preparation
Phase I: Marketing/ Fund Raising                                                                                                Phase II: Fund Management

Marketing Advisor

GP’s Korean Advisor

GP’s Seoul Representative Office

• Newspaper interview
• Conference sponsorship
• Marketing roadshow
• Marketing strategy
• Investor meetings
• Fund (or project) proposal
• Marketing materials
• FSS Registration
• Fund Distributor/local AMC

• Fund Docs Translation
• Due Diligence Q&A
• DD trip arrangement
• Local feeder fund setupwith                   
     working with AMC

• LPA (SPA) execution
• Fund closing

Our Role

Our  Services

• Represent GP’s interest
• Capital call follow ups
• Quarterly AM reporting
• Co investment opportunities
• AGM trip arrangement
• Regular update on investor’s feedback
• Daily marketing activities
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