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We provide innovative and customized investment solutions for clients

with the experienced private specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry, skilled in Investment Properties, Capital Markets, and Asset Management in global. 

We help clients grow their personal wealth and improve business performance.  For successful management, we take the time to understand each client’s business from the outset and offer advice with complete objectivity geared toward meeting their objectives in a confidential manner.

Our key advantage is providing best value  through challenging investment opportunities with abundant experience and exact strategies. 
At the same times, our mission is to place our client’s goals first

and to align our interest closely with achieving or exceeding their expectations. 

Momentum Capital Advisors. 




Momentum is an independent investment platform

uniquely focused on private with roots in Seoul, Korea.

Momentum Advisors.jpg

Keon - Tae Park CEO and Founder 

Mr. Keon - Tae Park, with seventeen years of professional experience in the private equity real estate industry,

is the founder and CEO of Momentum Capital Advisors in Seoul.

Mr. Park studied International Economics in Peking university

and holds Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Korea University.

And he also holds a master’s degree in Law from Korea University

and a master’s degree of Real Estate Development from Columbia University respectively.

Mr. Park is fluent in Korean, Mandarin and English. Mr. Park is a designated member of Appraiser Institute in the US.

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